Image of Yvette Sandoval

Yvette Sandoval

Yvette Sandoval is originally from Bernalillo, New Mexico and currently lives in Albuquerque New Mexico with her life-partner, Alex Paramo and her step-daughter, Marisol. Yvette has attended Central New Mexico Community College and is preparing to study Closed Captioning/Court Reporting beginning in Fall of this year.

Yvette is a writer and Co-Founder and Partner of Community Publishing. At Community Publishing. Yvette’s specialty is graphic art and editing. Community Publishing is committed to providing a digital platform for local artists of all mediums through the creation of multimedia eBooks, while promoting literacy in our community. Community Publishing uses a “ground up” approach which emphasizes an all-encompassing collaborative method.

Yvette’s interests include but are not limited to: Social Justice, Gender Equality, Campaign Finance Reform, Economic Inequality, Literacy, Living Wage, Public Education, Renewable Energy. Her hobbies include: Crafts, Crocheting, Cinema, Yoga, Health, Animal Welfare, Cooking, Natural Remedies, DiY Projects.

Professionally Yvette has worked in healthcare, customer service and in the Service Industry.


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