Inspiration – In My Home.

Writing is not the easiest thing for me to do. Not creative writing or personal writing. That is the challenge of this blog for me.

I used to write. I used to write fear of writingall the time. I used to write on anything that my words would be visible on, from journals to napkins. My head constantly had words running through it, configuring  those words into rhyme, poetry, stories. And then it stopped, I stopped. I would sit down and nothing. Nothing would come to me and for the longest time my mind shut down and was replaced with insecurities. I then allowed my self to become intimidated by writing.

A Child’s World

Dr Suess I have a 7-year-old step-daughter who finds inspiration in the smallest of things, and her sense of accomplishment and happiness when she sings a made up song about a red (really orange) flower barrett or the when she creates an entire scenario in her head for her dolls to play out, and then makes them act it out. It really makes me long for the days I used to find inspiration in the smallest of the things. I would create stories, short stories and long stories, poems, happy or sad. My partner with his endless creativity of story telling and understanding of language and words, his inexhaustible determination to achieve his goals (while putting his family first) is astounding.


Inspiration and Family

My family, at home, is my inspiration. My inspiration to write this blog, my inspiration to want to make up silly little songs, and my inspiration to want to make up stories about sharks under a trundle frame while two sisters are feuding, one good and one bad, one stuck out in sea while the other causes mischiPoem by Yvette Sandovalef.

My inspiration is coming from a 7-year-old artists, story-teller and scientists. How the smallest thing, like no chips in the house is the most devastating thing in the world. And I do find inspiration in that because her world is still so small, innocent and precious.  My inspiration is coming from my partner who pushes me to believe in my ability not just with words and writing but with myself in general. He puts himself out there to promote his work, which is not easy to do by any means, but his determination pushes him.

My family is my inspiration because my 7-year-old step-daughter and partner believe in my abilities.


Love by Yvette Sandoval, Marisol Paramo and Alex Paramo

What inspires you?

Yvette Sandoval is a Writer and Co-Founder of Community Publishing. Community Publishing brings local artists of all mediums together in creative collaborations for distribution as multimedia eBooks while promoting literacy in our communities.
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