Musings of Stale Dinner

Have you ever had that moment while grocery shopping for the same items week after week when you realize you used to make more than the same 3 meals a week. I did yesterday. I know I used to make a variety of meals, but right now we are down to rotating pasta and marinara sauce, chicken with vegetables and beans throughout the week. What happened? Our dinner selection has become stale.


It’s not that I lack an interest in making dinner because I love cooking, I just feel like I don’t know what to make anymore. I’ve seen some recipe and some recipes just look so complicated.

complicated recipe

Our dinners used to consist of meat loaf and mashed potatoes, fried rice, vegetarian/ non-vegetarian tacos, tofu salad, chicken and couscous, lentils, beef stew. And now… I want to keep it healthy maybe I will try to incorporate some unfamiliar – to me – vegetables and see what is created from there.


Here are some ideas I came across.
How do you spice up your dinners?

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3 thoughts on “Musings of Stale Dinner

  1. I’ve found that I’m in the same “stale dinner” situation as you. I read some years back and also saw a “documentary” (not sure if that is the best way to describe it) that when you are truly get balanced meals your body craves less variety. Maybe I’m justifying my lack of it !

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