To Bikram yoga or not to Bikram yoga?

So, I have completed my first week of Bikram yoga, and boy were they not joking when they say the first class sucks! Not only was my entire being shaking from feet to head, but the shaking was accompanied by a very loving dose of nausea and tunnel vision. Lets not stop there because shaking, nausea and tunnel vision just couldn’t be enough. No, the real fun part is the sweating. Sweating from every pore of my body, parts I didn’t know could even sweat. And I can tell you trying to hold a pose when you have so much moisture on your hands, legs and arms you can’t quite grasp your ankle without feeling like you’re on a slip and slide is pretty tough, having your eyes burning and partial blindness due to the sweat is just icing on top of all this goodness.

Well, enough about all the good things about hot yoga… ha-ha. No, seriously all joking aside. Bikram yoga has been a really amazing experience, once you get past all of this. It is a time for you to drop all your barriers, ego and learn to be in the moment.  Being in the moment isn’t as easy as it sounds, not for me anyways. I’m always in my head, but I am learning to communicate better, especially with my loving partner who always reminds me to be in the moment with him. To tell you the truth I thought it would be an entire room full of “beautiful” yoga bodies (the lean, thin, flexible bodies that the media likes to feed us with), but I was wrong. It is a place where you are getting incredibly sweaty with a lot of strangers who are half naked, and let me tell you they come in all different shapes, sizes and ages. No one is there to judge you, no one is laughing at you when you fall from a pose or can’t even get into a pose. The instructors are ok with you going at your own pace. Even if your own pace is standing still the entire class. The 105 degree room takes a while to get used too and they know that.

I do have to say it’s a killer work out for my legs and butt. I don’t have very strong legs and so when it comes to the 3 series squats it is a bit difficult for me, but I do what I can and try to get closer to the floor the next time. I’m getting there, and my legs are getting stronger everyday, and my partner sure is enjoying a firmer me, though he is incredible and loves a squishier me as well.

So, in conclusion I would suggest everyone try it out. Once you are able to hold a pose you were not able to in the beginning it gives you such an amazing feeling of accomplishment. You stop caring about how you look in class, you’re in the moment with the moves. You stop caring about if someone is watching you stumble because you realize they know exactly what you are going through because they were once there themselves, and it gives you sense of self. It’s a great place to find yourself, push your limitations, reflect and to let go of your encumbrances from yesterday for a healthy minded today and tomorrow.


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