What Did You Call Me? Dog = Me

Why would I title my Blog “Daydreams of a Dog’? I obviously couldn’t be a real dog, though I would be one famous dog if I could manage to type (coherently), read and express my thoughts in a way all literate humans could understand. Mighty famous indeed!

I named my blog this because (besides trying to stand out amongst the masses of blogs out there)  I find it to be pretty accurate. The essence of the dog  in Chinese astrology (which is what I am) seems to describe my being in a way that is truly honest. Of course there are always things in this type of mass grouping that won’t fit every individual “to a T”, or maybe it’s even things we don’t like to see in ourselves that could link us to something we find so distasteful it makes us react in a way of complete self delusion.

What do I agree with in terms of what this iVillage writer and their description of a group of people born in the same year wrote about? Well…

“The Dog makes a wonderful, discreet and loyal friend (despite any white lies) and is an excellent listener.” Sure, with a horn that big I could hear everything 😉

“The Dog’s mantra seems to be, Live right, look out for the little people and fight injustice whenever possible.” Makes me sound like a superhero, can’t deny that I like that…Pow! Bam!

“They don’t go in for light social banter; instead, they go straight for home, expostulating on the topics that are most important to them.” What’s the big deal about small talk anyways? haha.

Things i dont agree with, of course, are…

“At these times the Dog’s narrow-minded or stubborn side can become apparent…”, who me?! Stubborn? well… but, to narrow mindedness i’d have to say, “Not me.”

“This Sign can also be very temperamental; mood swings characterize its emotional life…” Hmm…

Either way, it inspired me enough to name my blog Daydreams of a Dog. It is the essence of who I am, not who I think I am, and not who you think I am, it just is… if I can be honest with myself.

What does your animal sign say about you?




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